Araba Stated Meeting Dates
Sep. 25,
Oct. 16, Nov. 21,
Dec. 19, 2022

Araba Club & Unit Meeting Dates

Sep. 1, Oct. 6, Nov. 3, Dec. 1, 2022


"Illustrious Sir"
elm Llanillo

"With willing hearts and skillful hands..
"Shriners Can Do!"

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P.O. Box 61512, Fort Myers, Florida 33906
11220 Metro Pkwy, Metro Commerce Ctr., Ft. Myers, FL  33966, Unit # 23
Office Hours Monday Through Friday 9am to 3pm
Office Phone (239) 334-2226    FAX (239) 334-4010    Transportation (239) 334-8496
Office eMail  arabaoffice@g

Special Announcements from the Araba Potentate


Araba Shrine has gone DARK for the months June - August, 2022.
Club & Unit Meetings and States Meetings will resume in September, 2022.
Club, Unit and other activities will be announced by there activities.

Everglades Parade, July 2, 2022
More information to follow.

Araba Ceremonial
Scheduled September 10, 2022

Crowne Plaza 13051 Bell Tower Drive
Fort Myers, Florida

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