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All Coordinator items listed the blue underline links to their eMail address
Date Day Event Time Location Coordinator Remarks
Feb 27 Feb 27 Lee County Fair Thur. Feb 27 through March 8
Feb 29 Sat Hillbilly Clan 45 Hoedown 6 p.m. Araba Auditorium Jon Lynch Yee All Come!
Mar 5 Thu-Sun SESA Midwinter   Gatlinburg, TN    
Mar 6 Fri-Sat Marzquz Potentates Ball   Tallahassee    
Mar 10 Tue U.A.W. Meeting   Araba Auditorium    
Mar 13 Fri-Sun FMAC Gun Show   Araba Auditorium    
Mar 13 Fri-Sat Azan Potentates Ball   Melbourne    
Mar 14 Sat Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival Parade   Ft. Myers Beach Ben Flynn Parade Marshal
Mar 15 Sun Araba Ladies 2020 Flower Show 12:30 pm Araba Auditorium Amy Lianillo & Amy Kreutzer  
Mar 21 Sat L.O.S. Installation   Araba Auditorium    
Mar 28 Sat D.O.N. Officer Installation 11 a.m. Araba Auditorium Nancy Spieth  
Apr 4 Sat Honored Ladies Tea 2 p.m. Red Fez Lounge    
Apr 5 Sun
Araba Fish Fry
1 p.m. TBA    
Apr 11 Sat Easter Egg Hunt   TBA    
Apr 14   U.A.W. Meeting   Araba Auditorium    
Apr 17 Fri-Sat Cardenas Quinciera   Araba Auditorium    
Apr 25 Sat Spring Ceremonial   Araba Auditorium    
May 1 Fri Araba Circus   Lee County Civic Center Three performances  
Sep 21 Thu-Sun D.O.N. Florida Days   Tampa Wes sshore Grand Hotel

Clubs, Units & Organization highlight in Blue and Underlined are links to Webpages

Charlotte County Shrine Club 4nd Tues 5 p.m. Local Restaurant CCSC Directors Staff 2nd Thursday, 7 p.m. Araba Temple DS
Fort Myers Beach Shrine Club 2nd Thur 6 p.m. Shrine Club Building FMBSC Flintstone 2nd Mon 7:30 p.m.   FS
Lehigh Acres Shrine Club 4th Thur 6 p.m. Local Restaurant LASC Clowns, Fun & Frolic 2nd Wed. 7 p..m Araba Temple CLOWNS
Marco Island Shrine Club Weekly Friday 11:30 p.m. Local Restaurant MISC Hillbilly's  ** 2nd Wed. 5:30 p.m. Araba Temple Hill
Naples Shrine Club 1st Tue. 6 p.m. Local Restaurant NSC Jeepsters 1st Thur. 4:30 p.m. Araba Temple JEEP
      Keystone Kops 2nd Wed. 7 p.m. Araba Temple KKops
Klassic Kars 2nd Tues 6:30 p.m. Araba Shrine KKara
Ladies & Other organizations Mariners 2nd Mon. 6:30 p.m. Araba Temple Mair
Daughters of the Nile 3rd Mon. 12 Noon Araba Temple DON Motor Escort Patrol 2nd Wed. 7 p.m. Araba Temple MEC
Ladies Oriental Shrine - Lunch & Stated Meeting 2nd Tue. 12 p.m. Araba Temple LOS Oriental Band 3rd Thur. 7 p.m. Araba Temple OBAND
Pageantry Meeting 9:30 a.m. Araba Pag Past Masters Club
Ladies of the Oriental Shrine Pipe & Drum Corps
Dancing Dolls 1st Thu 6:30 p.m. Araba DD Provost Guard 2nd  Mon. 7 p.m.. Araba Temple PG
Honored Ladies Meeting Location and times TBA HL Sharpshooters 1st Tue. 6 p.m. Local Restaurant SHARP
Palm Investment Club 4th Wed 7 p.m. Araba   Ritual Team      
        Smoke & Spirits 2nd Wed. 7 p.m. Araba Temple SMOK
        Tin Lizzies 2nd Mon. 7 p.m. Araba Temple TL
        Web Crawlers 4th Wed. 5:30 p.m. Araba Temple WEB
** Stated meeting proceeded by meal & social hour
Scheduled Meetings by Week
1st Monday 1st Tuesday 1st Wednesday 1st Thursday 1st Friday
6:00 p.m. Naples Shrine Club
6:00 p.m. Sharpshooters
9:30 Pageantry
4:30 Jeepsters
5:30 p.m. Spaghetti Dinner
6:30 p.m. Club & Unit Leaders Meeting
6:30 Dancing Dolls
11:30 a.m. Marco Island Shrine Club
(Every Friday)
5:30 p.m. Araba TGIF (as scheduled)
6:00 p.m. Ft Myers Bch Bingo
2nd Monday 2nd Tuesday 2nd Wednesday 2nd Thursday 2nd Friday
7:00 p.m. Provost Guard
6:30 p.m. Mariners
7:00 p.m. Tin Lizzies
7:30 p.m. Flintstones
6:30 p.m. Klassic Kars 5:30 p.m. Hillbilly's
7:00 p.m. Clowns, Fun & Frolic
7:00 p.m. Keystone Kips
7:00 p.m. Smoke & Spirits
6 p.m. Ft. Myers Bch SC
7 p.m. Directors Staff
11:30 a.m. Marco Island Shrine Club
5:30 p.m. Araba TGIF (as scheduled)
6:00 p.m. Ft Myers Bch Bingo
3rd Monday 3rd Tuesday 3rd Wednesday 3rd Thursday 3rd Friday
5:30 p.m. Stated Dinner
7:00 p.m. Stated Meeting
    7 p.m. Oriental Band
11:30 a.m. Marco Island Shrine Club
5:30 p.m. Araba TGIF (as scheduled)
6:00 p.m. Ft Myers Bch Bingo
4th Monday 4th Tuesday 4th Wednesday 4th Thursday 4th Friday
5:30 p.m. Web Crawlers
7:00 p.m. Palm Investors Club
6 p.m. Lehigh Acres Shrine Club
11:30 a.m. Marco Island Shrine Club
5:30 p.m. Araba TGIF (as scheduled)
6:00 p.m. Ft Myers Bch Bingo
Past Masters Club to be scheduled as necessary