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September 11, 2021 02:57 PM


Araba Shrine
P.O. Box 61512, Fort Myers, FL 33906-1512
New temporary address: 11220 Metro Pkwy, Metro Commerce Ctr., Unit # 23, Ft. Myers, FL  33906

Phone (239) 334-2226 Fax (239) 334-4010 Transportation (239) 334-8496
Office eMail:      Araba Website

Araba Fall Ceremonial 2021

Schedule of Events September 25, 2021
7:00 am Registration Begins
7:30 am Breakfast in Pine Island/Captiva Room with Nobles & Ladies
8:10 am Registration & Introduction of Divan Ladies, Meet /Greet Pine Island/Captiva Room
  Preparation of New Nobles & Medicals
9:10 am Ladies escorted to Pine Island/Captiva Room to view the 1st section of Ceremonial
9:15 am 1st Sectional of Ceremonial
10:00 am Ladies return  to Cayo Costa Room for Ladies Program
  2nd Section of the Ceremonial
10:10 am (Ladies) Introduce the Potentate's Lady, Rhonda & Divan Ladies
10:15 am (Ladies) Introduce the Honoree's Lady, Gale
10;20 am (Ladies) Introduce the Honoree's Lady, Past Potentate's Ladies
10:25 am (Ladies) Introduce the Honored Ladies
10:30 am (Ladies) Introduce New Noble's Ladies
11:30 am Lunch in Pine Island/Captiva Room with Nobles and their Ladies
4:00 pm New Nobles and Ladies meet in Captiva Room (pictures/presentations)
5:00 pm Social Hour
5:45 pm *  Entrance of ARABA Divan and Honoree led by Guns and Hose s Pipe & Drum Band and First Ceremonial Master
*  Presentation of Colors by ARABA Provost Guard
*  Pledge of Allegiance & National Anthem
  *  Introduction by Jeff Nowak, High Priest & Profit
6:30 pm Dinner
7:30 pm *  New Nobles and Ladies assemble in hallway
  *  Introduction of New Nobles and their Ladies
  *  Entrance of the Arch of Steel [Valley of Fort Myers Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite by members of the Knight Commander Court of Honor]
Potentate Introduces Honoree
               Noble Robert MacKenzie and his Lady, Gail
             Remarks  by Honoree Robert MacKenzie 
   *  Ladies Fez their Nobles     
  *  Remarks by Illustrious Sir Fred Petersen, Potentate
  * Closing Song (God Bless America)
9:30 pm Entertainment and Dancing by Ace Entertainment