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"Potentate's Motto to be updated"

WebCrawler Club will meet on 4th Wednesday of Month at 5:30 p.m.
We will be working on technology issues and improvement of the website.

Webmasters eMail Address is

WebCrawler Officers

Webmaster - Noble Jim Spieth

Facebook Manager - Mike Meehan

Photo Manager - High Priest & Profit - (Willy) Wilhelm Llanillo

10 tips for stronger passwords Hereís how to craft stronger passwords that will help stave off malicious actors on the web:

1.        Never use the same password for multiple accounts.

2.       Donít use personally identifiable terms.

3.       Avoid using common words or phrases.

4.       Use different types of characters.

5.       Make it long.

6.       Consider spelling things wrong.

7.       Utilize multi-factor authentication.  

8.       Change your passwords regularly.

9.       Never save or share passwords.

10.     Use a password manager.

This is an example and only an example @r@b@12344321

If youíre struggling to manage your stronger passwords (now that youíve got them), consider using a password management system such as LastPass.

Tricks of  the Trade
  1. Quick update a page already open: Click Ctrl "F5"
  2. Any text underlined should be a link to another web page or website.
  3. In all most every function there is no less that three ways to accomplish a function.
  4. Control (Ctrl) F7 is Spell Check
  5. Ctrl + B is Bold
  6. Ctrl + C is Copy
  7. Ctrl + P is Print
  8. Ctrl + Z is Undo
  9. Ctrl + S is Save work on a page












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